Overview of the Management of Lymphedema

American Cancer Society Lymphedema Workshop

… a variety of traditional and commonly available techniques, when used appropriately in a multidisciplinary fashion, may lessen the cosmetic and physical impairments associated with…Read Full Article

Analysis of Compression for Venous Ulcers in Subjects with Secondary Lymphedema

Oscar M. Alvarez PhD, et al.

During the first eight weeks, the IPC- treated group had an 8.9% mean decrease in leg edema compared to 4.5% for the group treated with…Analysis

Specialized Lymphedema Therapy & the Wound Clinic

Suzie Ehmann, DPT, CWS, CLT-LANA

The role of this underutilized adjunctive therapy for wound management and the skills of the licensed CLT could benefit your practice and staff…Read Full Article

Study Abstracts on Lymphedema

Sequential pneumatic compression, long-term compression results, efficiency of treatment…Abstract